7. Digraph3 Book Errata List

Pxii L29: for ‘and the recording of’ read ‘and the recoding of’
Pxiv L35: for ‘become separate may deliver’ read ‘become separate and may deliver’
P12 Fig 1.3 caption: for ‘the 3 grid digraph’ read ‘the 3x3 grid digraph’
P39 L3: for ‘decision alternative’ read ‘decision alternatives’
P41 epigraph: for ‘Benayoun et al’ read ‘Benyaoun R, Roy B, Sussmann B’
P47 L3: for ((x \succsim y) > 0.0) read \big(r(x \succsim y) > 0.0\big)
P47 L4: for ((y \succsim x) < 0.0) read \big(r(y \succsim x) < 0.0\big)
P51 L2: for ‘to each of his’ read ‘to each one of his’
P55 L11 for ‘Sect. 20.4’ read ‘Sect.17.4’
P91 L3: for ‘BORDA ranked candidate c1read ‘BORDA ranked candidate c4
P112 Alg. 8.5 L1: for G(X, \succnsim ) read G(X, \succsim )
P163 L2: for ‘to each of’ read ‘to each one of’
P163 L11 for ‘draws the corresponding’ read ‘draws in Fig.12.7 on previous page the corresponding’
P168 L5: for ‘each one of performance criteria’ read ‘each one of the performance criteria’
P182 L2: for ‘on the preceding page). Due perhaps to’ read ‘above). Due to’
P188 Tab.14.1 caption: for ‘per academic scores’ read ‘per academic subject’
P188 last Line: for ‘in view the results’ read ‘in view of the results’
P197 L7: for ‘r(x precnsim q(pk)’ read r\big(x \precnsim q(p_k)\big)
P198 L5: for ‘heatmap is shown in’ read ‘heatmap shown in’
P211 L5: for ‘obtain movie’ read ‘obtains movie’
P220 L7: for ‘Fig 16.2 on page 213’ read ‘Fig 16.5 on opposite page’
P227 List. 17.2 Lines 1,39: for>>> g.’ read>>> mg.’
P248 Notes L4: for ‘where in the sequel’ read ‘were in the sequel’
P248 Notes L17: for ‘Eq. 17.4 on page 243’ read ‘Eq. 17.1 on page 242’
P255 L1: for ‘to a global support of (0.66 + 1.0)/2 = 83% of the criteria significance weights’ read ‘to a probability of (0.66 + 1.0)/2 = 83% of being positively validated.’
P257 List. 18.2 L20: for ‘triangular(a=2.0,b=2.0)’ read ‘triangular(a=0,b=2w)’
P329 abstract L4: for ‘to be an interval is’ read ‘to be an interval graph is’